University study shows Nopalea™
lowers CRP, a marker for inflammation


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Nopalea is a delicious, nutrient-rich, ready to drink liquid that features the superfruit of the Nopal cactus.


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CRP (C-reactive protein) is a protein that is considered a marker, or indicator, of inflammation in the body. Produced by the liver as part of the inflammatory process, CRP levels rise in conjunction with inflammation: the higher the CRP levels, the more inflammation present in the body.1,2 Some causes of increased inflammation include:

  • Emotional stress
  • Physical stress
  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Environmental toxicity
  • Physical trauma
  • Insulin levels

Nopalea Lowers CRP

A study conducted by the University of Bridgeport (CT), showed that Nopalea lowers CRP levels. In the double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, over 300 participants drank either a daily serving of Nopalea or placebo for an eight-week period. Those in the Nopalea group saw a statistically significant decrease in CRP levels.

Nopalea Testimonials


“My C-reactive protein test for inflammation has also improved.”

“In the past I felt very stiff and sluggish like I was walking with bags of cement on each leg. Then I tried Nopalea. I started feeling like something ‘right’ was happening within my system. Thank you Nopalea for making my days lighter and more mobile. My C-reactive protein test for inflammation has also improved since taking Nopalea.” Kathy S., Member — St. Clair, MI

“I am thrilled to report that I now feel great!”

“Nopalea has changed my life! I used to suffer from a variety of health problems that were affecting my quality of life. My mother suggested that I try Nopalea. When I received Nopalea I started out drinking six ounces a day. I am thrilled to report that I now feel great! Thank you so much Nopalea for changing my life.”Zola F., Member — Laurelton, NY

“I do not want to be without Nopalea again.”

“I have been aware for many years that inflammation has been a large part of the aging process (I am 82 years). Never have I found a product or a diet that changed that problem. But when I tried Nopalea, I soon began to notice a difference. That same great feeling continued as I took the product. Believe me, I do not want to be without Nopalea again.”Grace H., Member — Weslaco, TX

“…Nopalea has made us both feel much better.”

“Nopalea is an amazing product. When I first ordered it I really had my doubts about whether it would work. It took me about three months to feel a difference, but I began to feel so much better that my husband decided that he would like to try it. We are both in our 70s and Nopalea has made us both feel much better.”Lila L., Member — Bakersfield, CA

“I feel so much better.”

“I was hit by a drunk driver from behind while waiting for someone to make a turn. Four days later I hit a cow. Afterwards I suffered from a lot of inflammation until I tried Nopalea. My doctor was impressed by my overall improvement. I have told my family and friends about Nopalea and now they’ve ordered it. Thanks Nopalea, I feel so much better in spite of these two auto accidents.”Felasia B., Member — Irvington, AL

“I am forever grateful that I feel so wonderful.”

“Nopalea is a real blessing to me. I went through a period in my life when my energy level was very low, and I was lethargic and slow. After going on the Nopalea Wellness Challenge (3 to 6 ounces a day for 60 days) my energy level soared. Now I am able to clean my entire house without effort. I wake up lively and alert. I feel like I did over five or six years ago. I am forever grateful that I feel so wonderful.”Connie L, Member — Detroit, MI

“Nopalea has definitely given me a much better quality of life.”

“I started out with the Nopalea Loading Phase (3 to 6 ounces daily for 60 days). It’s hard not to drink the whole bottle because it tastes so good. Nopalea has definitely given me a much better quality of life. I never go a day without Nopalea.” Ed M., Member — Orr, MN

“Nopalea has honestly changed my life.”

“After taking Nopalea, I can work in the garden again, take my grandson to the park, and be more productive and focused at my job. Now I take long walks, go up and down the stairs, do my daily chores at home and have more energy than ever before. Nopalea has honestly changed my life.” Donna L., Member — Oakland, NJ

General disclosure: Members whose testimonials appear in print or online receive $25 in TriVita product credits.

Nopalea: Bounty from the Sonoran Desert

TriVita has a tradition of developing innovative wellness products, with ingredients from all over the world. Yet right in our own Arizona backyard, we found that native plants in the Sonoran Desert offer beneficial properties. We tapped the expertise of local botanists, and the native people, to focus ultimately on the remarkable Nopal cactus (Opuntia ficus indica) and its fruit.

This amazing superfruit contains a powerful class of nutrients called Bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids work to neutralize the body’s inner toxins and help to reduce inflammation. They do this by helping the body reduce the toxins surrounding the cells, which allows more essential nutrients to reach each cell. As a result, cells are better fed and energized to repair and replace damaged tissues and reduce the reactive inflammation, helping it from becoming long-term.

A close-up of Bioflavonoids Bioflavonoids help reduce
the toxins surrounding the cells
Essential nutrients are able
to reach the cells

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Nopalea contain any added sugar or artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors?

No. Nopalea is sweetened with Agave nectar, a natural form of sugar.

Are there any preservatives in Nopalea?


How much Nopalea should I take?

Suggested use: When taking Nopalea for the first time, drink 3 ounces in the morning and 3 ounces in the evening for 60 days. For maintenance, drink 1–3 ounces daily depending on your body’s needs.

Is it safe to take Nopalea with medication?

There are no known contraindications with Nopalea and medications. However, Nopalea is a dietary supplement. If you are taking any medications or have a known medical condition, it's best to consult with your healthcare provider before drinking Nopalea.

How can I ensure the product maintains its freshness?

To optimize product freshness and to best maintain the product's natural color and taste, please refrigerate bottle upon receiving shipment, do not drink directly from bottle and consume it within 30 days of opening.

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